“Arax” poultry was established in 1997 on the basis of “Jrarat” poultry, which in Soviet times was the largest poultry in Armenia. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the poultry “Jrarat” was reopened in 2001, after joining the X-Group concern (www.xgroup.am).
Much work was done to restore production volumes, as well as research work on raising a new Cobb breeder flock in a new Armenia.Thanks to large investments, already in 2002 the factory was producing and selling 1,600 tons of chicken meat and meat products.

The production capacity allowed the poultry to carry out the entire process, from raising day-old chicks to slaughtering and selling broilers and producing table eggs. Thanks to investments, a modern feed mill was reconstructed at the plant.

Mother broilers and laying hens are kept in poultry houses equipped with German equipment separately from broiler birds, and broiler chickens are kept in poultry houses equipped with Dutch equipment. The factory operates 2 incubator pre-cooled stations for both broiler chickens and laying hens. Each year the broiler hatchery can hold about 7,000,000 birds and the laying hens about 3,000,000 birds.

The broiler chickens have been slaughtered at the poultry thanks to a German production line with a capacity of 3,500 birds per hour. It has a freezer designated for the production of fresh chilled chicken meat, and also for the production of deep-frozen chicken meat.

At the moment the poultry produces and sells about 35-40% of the Armenian market. It was possible to achieve such a result in a very short period thanks to the skillful and effective production in different areas: personnel policy, marketing, quality nutrition, a general set of veterinary measures, and the introduction of new technologies in poultry.

It is not by chance that in 2003 at the second International poultry exhibition in Moscow the poultry  “Arax” was awarded the honorary title “King of chickens” and a medal. Such achievements and ascents continue up to now.

At present “Arax” poultry produces poultry eggs in addition to chicken meat and is a member of the IEC/International Egg Commission, as well as semi-finished poultry meat produced with Austrian-German equipment. “Arax” poultry cooperates with many foreign and local organizations purchasing raw feed, fodder supplements, and different equipment. “Arax” poultry implements its production all over Armenia.

The motto of “Arax Poultry” is “Healthy Nutrition – Healthy Future”.